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A Poem Started by Scarlett Moffatt

There was a little woman,
Who had a toad on her head,
And a spider, an eel and crab.
What a brave woman she is,
Funny, smart and a laugh,
Six stars she managed to grab!

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Poem of the Week - Last Week

Twinkle Toes

Twinkle toes,
Twinkle toes,
Where you lead,
No one knows.

Twinkle toes,
Twinkle toes,
Down to the garden,
Follow your nose.

Twinkle toes,
Twinkle toes,
What did you find there?
A flower that shows.

Twinkle toes,
Twinkle toes,
Bask in the sunshine,
As my love grows.

This poem is from my second book, A Little Bit of Light and Dark.

Poem of the Week - 2 Weeks Ago

Whisper into the winds

Sing to the stars,
Shout to the sea.
Whisper into the winds,
My love for thee.