Poem of the Week

So I Did

Standing uninvited,
Waist deep in a Faerie pool,
Swim like a fish said she,
So I did.

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If only my desk was normally this tidy

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Poem of the Week - Last Week

Shivering with anticipation

Shivering with anticipation,
At the taste of steel.
My life burns incandescently,
In my minds eye.
The scent of sandalwood,
Lingers on an ochre moon.

Poem of the Week - 2 Weeks Ago

Shimmering Sands

A citrine sun shines in a topaz sky,
Warming the amber shore.
Effervescent surf laps the beach,
While further out, opalescent horses dance.

Jade, sapphire and amethyst,
Glimmer in the depths,
As the roar of the surf,
Echoes across the bay.

Plants of emerald, peridot and malachite,
Adorn the headland downs.
Delicate dandelion clocks,
Float to the sea on a breeze.

You can find this poem in my book, A Little Bit of Light and Dark.