Poem of the Week


Today I feel a ball of rage and frustration in my centre.
I don't feel like it all the time, hormones come into play.
I hate this feeling, it distances people, pushes them away.
I feel all spikey and prickly, my stress needs smoothing down.
Stroke my prickles, sooth my spikes, melt them with love.
I will be yours again, but for now please just keep away.
Just go away, leave me alone!
The world's too big now you have gone.

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Poem of the Week - Last Week

Bitter Sweet

It's a bitter sweet memory,
Your tender kisses upon my lips.
Your warm embraces,
And the night we first made love.
The passion we had, the love we shared.
The long dark nights alone together,
Warm and loving kisses,
And the tender I love you's.
The pain you caused as your lips left mine.
When you said goodbye to me,
You left me to pick up the pieces,
Try to mend my shattered dreams.
I see you now, around about.
With some new girl in tow,
You look at her with love filled eyes,
That used to look at me.
I am only in the background,
A player on the board.
You leave me to my dreams,
Of tender I love you's.

Poem of the Week - 2 Weeks Ago

National poetry day

Today is the day that we take our time
To come up with something witty that rhymes
That tells of adventures, heart breaks or love
That reminds us of friends now up above

Today is the day that we reminisce or recover
Re-live the past or a new life discover
We are the writers that write our own lives
With belief and love through our writing we thrive

Today is the day I will show you how
Close your eyes and let your heart lead now
Through tears and smiles and laughing out loud
Stand up tall my love you should be so proud.