Poem of the Week

Lucky Escape

The cold hit my bones,
As the car door opened,
My breath taken,
As the cat ran away,
Thank goodness I stopped!

This was a three word prompt given to me by Celia Clark. The three words were cold, cat and car.

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If only my desk was normally this tidy

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Poem of the Week - Last Week

Happy llamas

Happy llamas dancing,
Happy llamas sing,
Happy llamas prancing,
All in a ring.

Happy llamas braiding,
Happy llamas play,
Happy llamas swaying,
All through the day.

Happy llamas festival,
Happy llamas beat,
Happy llamas musical,
On happy llama feet.

This was a three word prompt given to me by Suzi K - P from the Facebook. The three words were happy, lammas and festival.

Poem of the Week - 2 Weeks Ago

Fishing Spree

Fingers tripping through pages at sea,
Reading my book on a fishing boat spree.
Pitter patter, tumbling free,
Beautiful rain clouds pouring on me.
Fishing boats rolling gently at sea,
All coming home to a nice hot tea.

This was a three word prompt given to me by Sheree from the Facebook group The Book Shop Cafe. The three words were books, fishing boats and rain.