Poem of the Week

Honeycrisp Pleasure Seeker

Honeycrisp pleasure seeker,
Dig beneath me.
Pearlescent delusions,
And shadows of grandeur,
Mingled and mixed by sleep.
Then widow written,
In to fortunes of the new world.

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Poem of the Week - Last Week

A Glimpse

I watch the sunrise lighting the sky,
As the shadow of bars fall at my feet.
I hear the birds singing in the tree tops I know must exist.
A swallow lands on my windowsill welcoming me to the new day.
The window is too high for me to see the land surrounding,
But I can imagine the green countryside,
Topped with the azure blue sky and pink tinted clouds.
Like so much cotton wool floating above the treetops.

Poem of the Week - 2 Weeks Ago


As I close my eyes,
I pray for just one moment to forget who I am.
As I close my eyes,
I become as insubstantial as an autumn breeze.
As I close my eyes,
I learn to soar and swoop, taught by the birds themselves.
As I close my eyes,
I become an insignificant drop of newly formed dew.
As I close my eyes,
I melt into the earth and feel the life within.
As I close my eyes,
I become one with the slow pounding heartbeat of Mother Earth.
As I close my eyes,
My pain dissolves,
Drawn out by the hands of love.