Poem of the Week


What is that?
Where did it come from?
Curled up in a ball,
Tiny and straggly.
Phew it smells,
Did it just fart?
Oops it's waking up,
Goodness it moves fast!
What a mess!
"Can we keep it?"

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Helen sitting with pen in hand and a notebook

If only my desk was normally this tidy

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Poem of the Week - Last Week

Warm Days

I love warm days ...
When you can feel the sun in the wind,
When you can smell the flowers in bloom,
When all you can hear is industrious insects,
Living breathing and being alive.

Poem of the Week - 2 Weeks Ago


Words cannot describe,
The feelings I have inside.
The burning in my heart,
Spreading to each and every part.
I love you,
I know it's true.
Be mine,
Be my Valentine.