Helen Minazza holding huge copy of her latest book

A Little Bit of Light and Dark

A rollercoaster ride of poetry from light to dark and back again

Review of my first book …

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It is a book that lays its soul bare and invites the reader to do the same.
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“A Little Bit of Everything”
Rated 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon.co.uk

Poem of the Week

Day Dreams

I would sink in to the blue pools of your eyes,
Traverse the waterways I find there,
We would dock at the island of plenty.
I live within you,
Live for you,
Live through you.
We'd spend every night on the beach,
Creating history, being in love and making music.
We would leave the hectic of the past,
To relax and enjoy the future.
Lost in the skies, looking at the stars alive and burning in the night.
Knowing that for some all we see is their last light travelling through millennia,
Dead stars waiting to be reborn just as we were in each others love.

I would melt in to the chocolate depths of your eyes,
Traverse the land I found there,
Forever restless until I found you.
I want to lock you in my embrace, never to loose you again.
I would breathe within you,
Breathe for you,
And breathe through you.
We would sit in the trees swaying in the wind, while we listen to the melodies around us.
As I breathe in the scent of your hair, you invade my senses.
We would be in love, secure yet free.
We would sit at the pool of tranquillity, enjoying each others company in silence.
Counting ripples, a new crest borne as each fade away.

I want to love within you,
Love for you,
And love through you.
You ask why my love?
Simply because I love you.

Short Story

The Necklace

She sat bolt upright, her heart pounding in her chest, not knowing what had awoken her. The alien surroundings added to her disorientation. Millicent sat on the pillow next to her, licking her paw demurely whilst oozing innocence. The memories of the last few days crowded in on Bronwyn as the fog of sleep faded …

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Chapter & Kirsch


Hello and welcome to the newest addition to my website: the blog!

A little while ago I started writing a story and sharing it with my friends. They enjoyed what I had written and asked that they be kept up to date with installments. I thought it might be easier if I put all the pieces...