1 July 2022

Hello and welcome to the newest addition to my website: the blog!

A little while ago I started writing a story and sharing it with my friends. They enjoyed what I had written and asked that they be kept up to date with installments. I thought it might be easier if I put all the pieces into one place so that people could read my story at their own pace.

My story is called Chapter and Kirsch which is a play on the words Chapter and Verse because the café involved specializes in Black Forest Gateaux. The café come second hand book shop is a fictional establishment plonked in the very real seaside town of Bude. The people are fictional too, although a couple of my friends asked if they could become characters in my piece. The story is on a fantasy based theme, weaving magic and mystery together in a way that I hope you will enjoy.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing your comments.

Helen x

Part One coming soon!